Agile, resilient and collaborative management

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The Montréal Urban Ecology Centre is a vibrant organisation dedicated to sustainable urban development. The Centre manages multiple projects in parallel and was searching for a way to be more collaborative, efficient and resilient. In so doing it would be better able to adjust to unforeseen change and take advantage of opportunities that arise.

Percolab brought agile project management to the Centre. Our approach is anchored  within the framework of organisations as living systems.  We take practices from the technology sector and transpose them to other sectors to renew working cultures.

Percolab accompanied the team through three “sprints”. This allowed the team to integrate the new paradigm and adjust the tools and process to their context. We worked with four agile pillars framework:

  • self-organisation
  • mega-collaboration
  • adaptability
  • iterations

Years later the agile practices are still ongoing.

Here is what some of the team had to say about the new working method:

“We laugh a lot. It reduces stress.”

“The team is more efficient. It’s easier to ask for help and offer it.”

“It frees up the spirit. It’s fluid.”


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April 2, 2014