A story telling game with a twist.

Change your bias, change the future.

A game of storytelling and listening that will transform your work, relationships, and well being.

Discover a powerful new way to communicate, learn, and navigate change and complexity.

Create moments of authentic human connection that quickly build relationships and overcome conflict.

Provide a space to nurture individual mental health and collective well-being.

Listen For… is a breakthrough approach to build our inner self in an enjoyable and light way.

Listen For… is a game, not a program. It’s enjoyable and even soothing to play. The more you play the more you develop critical 21st century skills and inner capacity to deal with complexity and change

Develop key 21st century skills for working in complexity


Show up as our whole selves.


Strengthen active and empathic listening skills.


Welcome and work with what is emerging.

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“It’s built on values of hope, respect, confidence and patience!”

“Powerful! It creates deep listening.”

“The more you play, the more insights you gain.”

“Simple, easy to get into.”