ECTO Cooperative coworking space

Percolab initiated a new coworking space in the heart of Montréal, Québec with a co-operative structure for independent workers, micro-enterprises and community organisations.

Affordable memberships to the fully equipped inspirational space helps individuals have pleasure in their work in a collaborative space and better succeed their projects. Activities of all kinds are organised by members of the coop and add to atmosphere and potential of the space.


  • unites individuals from diverse fields of work within a shared space and all the synergy thus created
  • persons may work in the space that matches their working need since the space has multiple zones and a flexible and modular
  • light and flexible membership formulas offer workers additional freedom in their lives to mix places of work or work in different places in different times of the year.

Our role

  • project initiation
  • founding member of the solidarity co-operative ECTO
  • volunteer to complete the project business plan and project financing
  • volunteer to find the location and ensure the design and set up of the space
  • general accounting on an ongoing basis
  • participation on the board of administration  (currently presidency)
  • financial investment in the initiative


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June 1, 2009