Our Services

We work with businesses, governments, communities, public institutions and non-governmental organizations – people – to tackle the complexity of our shared, emergent future.

Percolab has over 15 years of social innovation experience dedicated to the socio-ecological transition.

Multi-stakeholder co-creation

Needing to co-create with multiple stakeholders in a complex project?

  • Bring collective intelligence to your multi-stakeholders projects.
  • Regardless of the scale or depth of your challenge, our co-creation processes help bridge viewpoints, foster buy-in, and generate bold pathways for the future of your initiative.

Read the story of co-creating a competency framework

Download the report on the Annual Congres of preventative medicine doctors of Quebec, Canada

Event planning and facilitation

Organizing an event where you want participants to engage and collaborate effectively?

  • Percolab can support the design and facilitation of your next meeting, conference or off-site retreat.
  • Our team designs highly participatory and engaging activities to build relationships between participants while accomplishing shared objectives.

Public consultation

Wanting to consult citizens in developing their neighbourhood?

  • Engage residents in appreciative and creative processes that address critical issues, build healthy relationships and find realistic solutions.
  • Our team will consult directly in your community, offer deep listening to participants and analyze the results to inform your decision-making process.

See how we engaged citizens across Montreal

Get your copy of Going Horizontal, by Percolab Coop’s Samantha Slade

Going Horizontal Book

Organization development

Are you dreaming of working more collaboratively across your organization and partners?

  • We break through silos and vertical groups by offering new and effective collaboration and decision-making methods.
  • Whether it’s to increase employee autonomy or to foster equity, diversity and inclusion, we support a culture of healthy collaboration that aligns with your organization’s core purpose.

Training & capacity building

Want to develop yourself, your team or your organization in critical skills for more satisfactory collaboration?

  • For over 15 years, Percolab has developed radical practices for collaboration and engagement.
  • Help build your team’s skillsets by learning new ways of working.

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Visual thinking

Are you trying to communicate abstract ideas or concepts to a large audience?

  • From infographics and live visual capture to explainer videos, we integrate Visual Thinking into all our projects.
  • Our designers can support your creative vision and render elaborate and complex subjects accessible to your target audience.

Our approach

We work across the globe, with offices in Europe and North America. Our services are offered in-person, hybrid or entirely online. Our unique collection of approaches includes the following:


We use a series of tools to bring out the brilliance of a group. Key processes include World Café, Open Space and Fishbowl Dialogue. Each approach centers around the group’s needs while focusing on concrete, tangible outcomes.


“How can we make collective decisions and invite everyone into their participatory leadership?”. This question is at the heart of Percolab’s 15 years of developing practices and processes. All these practices and more are incorporated into the international bestseller Going Horizontal, written by Percolab’s co-founder Samantha Slade.


Visual Thinking is the expression of ideas or thoughts through illustrations, pictures or models. These practices and live graphic capture help interpret conversations and insights through physical representations. These approaches help reveal emerging patterns while making information more accessible.


Design Thinking encourages people to generate new ideas in fun and creative ways. This approach focuses on the end user’s needs while opening our minds to new possibilities. It uses an iterative process to test and improve ideas or concepts that support continuous learning.


To help make sense of complex situations, we work with raw stories of personal experiences. Percolab has developed Listen For… a game based on over a decade of applied research that encourages stories from diverse backgrounds and experiences to widen perspectives and build belonging.


Appreciative inquiry leans into our strengths and dreams. It encourages us to work with what’s already present and helps us take small steps toward an emboldened future.



Over 1000 projects delivered, across the world in multiple languages.