International forum: Conversation on competences

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Design and organisation of a bilingual event on competences that brought together eight e-portfolio projects relating to life long learning, employability and learning organisations.

Four conversations were hosted, each conversation beginning with a kick-off discussion from two related e-portfolio projects from different countries.

The e-portfolio movement was building and we thought that such an event could contribute positively to its evolution.


  • The eclectic approach united two languages (with simultaneous translation), multiple countries, and organisations in the employment, education and community sectors.
  • The event design allowed for the creation of rich conversations, each one beginning with two projects that didn’t know each other, allowing for a powerful dialogue between the participants.

percolab’s Role

  • concept initiation, design and organisation of the presenters and participants
  • establishing agreements for partnerships and financing
  • organisation of the simultaneous translation and online documentation of the event (video and audio)
  • hosting the event


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March 14, 2014