Three Online Environments for Better Collaboration and Information Sharing

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Client: Groupe CDH

Design and develop three online environments as pilots:

  • Information sharing space to replace the internal  information bulletin
  • Knowledge base for an integrated approach to all the organisation information related to projects (actors, development phases, documentation etc)
  • Online project management space to support team collaboration and documentation during a project.

The pilot projects were born from a desire to update and Stream line information and data flows in a way that is accessible for all.


  • Creating a culture of sharing and co-creation within the organisation

Percolab’s role:


  • Design and facilitate workshops to clarify standard vocabularies and processes;
  • Document needs into specifications;
  • Facilitate feedback and best practice sessions ;

Technological architecture and development

  • Organise and facilitate data modeling with client team
  • Analysis of existing information system and processes
  • Design, develop, implement  and document the knowledge base system


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Posted on

April 17, 2014