The Montreal Urban digital laboratory (Laboratoire Numérique Urbain), comprised of a unique information technology infrastructure, covers the entire Quartier des spectacles (QdS) sector. Dedicated to research, experimentation and creativity, the LNU allows the QdS to provide bold and creative experiences, transforming the relationship between citizens and their city. An exciting, wide reaching project, the LNU encourages the generation of new knowledge and practices, and sparks technological and industrial development in the area of digital creativity.

Despite its huge potential, this public infrastructure remains little known. With the intention of bringing artistic, technological and business communities into the fold to familiarize themselves with the state-of-the-art technology and to explore different possibilities of collaboration, the Partenariat du Quartier des spectacles (PQDS) organized a creative, participatory day-long workshop. It was an opportunity to imagine and explore how the PQDS can welcome and integrate initiatives from the community (designers, technology firms, public administrations, citizens).

Percolab was brought in for our know-how in strategy and participatory processes with creative flair as well as our ease with technology powered innovation. The question that guided the process: What if the Quartier des spectacles and its public spaces were the playground of choice for creative, interactive urban initiatives for Montreal as an intelligent city?