OutilVif – Online space for immigrants

An online tool supporting immigrants to Quebec to integrate into Quebec society and work place and develop their French language skills based on their own interests and contexts. OutilVIF is a modular system combining social networks, eportfolio functions, knowledge base and online learning activities that can be used in multiple ways for workplace learning, education providers and by individuals.

The tool helps language teachers go beyond a homogenous teaching approach and tap into the context and interests of each learner. It give learners ownership of an online space that they can contribute to, consult and use any time and that will follow them through their pathway as as they integrate into Quebec society.


  • Next generation approach to learning as networked, personalised and self-regulating
  • Activity design help capture the vast and diverse experiences and learning (formal and informal) from the country of origin and of adoption so as to develop a sense of personal pride.
  • The development framework supporting the production of the interoperable learning objects;
  • Implementation of international open standards (microformats, OpenSocial) allowing objects to play in multiple types of online environments (WordPress, Moodle, Facebook).

Percolab’s role: Information system design, learning design of activities, development of production framework and activities, integration, quality assurance, graphic design, adoption support and training, promotion.


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March 5, 2014