Cultural neighbourhoods

Montreal is a city brimming with culture and urban cultural spaces. To consolidate and showcase Montréal’s creative entities the City of Montreal has adopted a Cultural Quarters vision for itself around what it means to be a “cultural quarter.” As part of this process the City of Montreal mandated percolab to develop and design a one-day workshop (held twice) for managers and professionals working on this idea, either at city-centre or in individual boroughs. The objective of the day was to explore what it means to work on the notion of cultural quarters, share what is already being done, cross-pollinate ideas across the city, and generate an open and collaborative space of possibility.

percolab designed the day and hosted participants through a project sharing workshop, an Open Space session, creative brainstorming, and a reflection circle, all the while capturing the day in a “mini-book” containing photos, a visual harvest, and process documentation.

Participants worked together so that Cultural Quarters may become a source of vitality for the city of Montréal.


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February 19, 2014