Openly innovating in a museum

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The Canadian Museum of Civilization, the most visited museum in all of Canada, will be renewing its permanent exhibit for Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017. Looking to develop an innovative concept that would engage visitors in a remarkable experience, the museum approached percolab for our experience in developing and hosting creative co-design processes that help fresh solutions emerge.

Drawing on our ability to work on complex issues and our capacity to work in both official languages, we custom-designed and ran a series of six working sessions over a three month period. A total of 60 people (employees from different museum departments as well as external guests from domains as diverse as dance, architecture, design, history and business) participated in one, some or all of the sessions to dialogue, reflect, generate ideas and help a new concept emerge. The process was accompanied by an online space where participants could access the rich content that emerged from each session.


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Here is what participants had to say:

“It’s a process of questioning.”

“I feel lucky to be part of this process.”

“I had some hesitations at first, but I must say, they gradually transformed into curiosity and I began anticipating the next meeting with excitement.”

“Approaching an exhibition from a perspective of diversity is really a pertinent model.”

“The discomfort, uncertainty in the process is very productive.”

“The process is future focused, new perspectives and content, that left us lots of paths to explore.”




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December 8, 2013