Developing a culture of open innovation

Mandalab is an open citizen lab that has as its objective stimulating the emergence, development and connecting of projects related to social, technological, and economic innovation. percolab has been involved with Mandalab since its very beginning and has brought to the initiative a useful and innovative model and practice for collaboration circles.

Since 2012, we have supported the functioning of the Mandalab circles, providing process hosting and coaching for the group that meets once a month. At each of these meetings the participants collaborate to advance their individual projects while contributing to the collective project, Mandalab itself.

The Learning Circle is a simple and democratic process: the circle supports the development of Mandalab as a living lab as well as the participants’ individual projects, while the entire process helps everyone develop their 21st century skills: agility and self-organization.

Participant testimonies

“It’s new. It changes from the type of meeting or training I am familiar with. I come to learn from others, to advance my project and to experiment. I don’t like repetition – here there are new persons and the location changes.”

“It’s entering into other sectors or circles. It responds to a need to exchange, contribute and learn from other projects. I attend a lot of meeting, here it is less structured, less formatted, without saying that it is not structured.”

“It is living andragogy, learning between adults. It makes the project we bring evolve. It gives strength to the action. What’s important is entering into relation with new people and hearing the diversity of the projects.”


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June 1, 2013