Digital storytelling productions, produced by Percolab

Our history, past and present

Client: Québec Native Women, QNW
Date: 2018
Context: QNW wanted to present the historical and social context that is at the origin of the problem of sexual assault in First Nations communities during the First Nations Forum on Sexual Assault, Québec, 2018.
Story: Wahiakatse (Wahi) Diome-Deer, QNW
Visuals: Paul Messer
Music: Women’s Honoring Song
Production: Percolab



Tools for addiction awareness

Date: 2022
Context: First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Health and Social Services Commission (FNQLHSSC) needed an explainer video to support First Nation youth in understanding Cannabis. We created 3 videos: What is Cannabis?, What are the health effects of cannabis?; and What is a responsible cannabis use?
Script CSSSPQNL with support from Percolab
Visuals: Paul Messer
Production: Percolab



How to change the world

Client: In partnership with École d’innovation sociale Élisabeth Bruyère
Date: 2020
Context: How to support people to step up into their power to change the world through social innovation.
Visuals: Paul Messer & Clemence Ollier
Production: Percolab



Going Horizontal Harvest

Client: Going Horizontal Community
Date: 2020
Context: Visual harvest of the International Going Horizontal Training, Sète, France, 2019
Story: Fanny Monod-Mitrev
Visuals: Fanny Monod-Mitrev



Cleaning from the heart

Client: Streetsuds – Changing people’s lives (one laundry load at a time)
Date: 2018
Context:Social enterprise Streetsuds runs a laundry business, taking those who would otherwise be homeless.
Production: Percolab



Tables de Quartier (Neighbourhood Circles)

Client: Tables de Quartier
Date: 2016
Context: Explainer video on how Tables de Quartier work (in french)
Production: Percolab



Recent history of Art Hives

Client: Art Hive Network/Concordia University
Date: 2014
Context: Graphic recording of the recent history of the Art hives movement. Made use a paralax cranky, designed and built by Percolab.
Production: Percolab