Yay! The Going Horizontal Book Launches in French

Great news! The Going Horizontal book is now available in French!!! Titled “Le Leadership Horizontal”, the French version is published by L’édition de l’Homme and available in English and French (CanadaFrance)

Percolab celebrated the launch of the book by hosting a participatory, lived experience of horizontal leadership that honoured the book and contributed to a francophone community of practitioners changing how we work, learn, and govern. Participants from Canada, France and around la francophonie brought their curiosity and enthusiasm, and through our shared experience left with fresh insights of how Horizontal Leadership shows up in the world.

Sam shares the origin story of her book

Check out the video of Samantha Slade, author of Going Horizontal, sharing the story of how Going Horizontal came to be.

Sharing Stories with the Going Horizontal Card Game

Surprise! During the event, we also gave a sneak peak to our soon to be released Horizontal Card Game—soon to be released in English and French.

Do you want to experience horizontal leadership through your stories?  Sign up to our next hosted game here. It’s free!

Live music with an international concert

We are always experimenting with new ways to be participatory, engaging, and human. So for our book launch we had a live concert. Thanks to Nadia Delisle in Montréal and Miquèu Montanaro in France who played together from a distance through zoom.


Giving the gift of Horizontal Leadership

As a thanks to those who showed up and contributed to supporting the growth of an emerging francophone community of people changing the way we work, learn and organize, we gave away 10 books and 1 place in our upcoming public Going Horizontal training.

Jealous? Don’t be! Get in on the fun. Buy the book in English, French Canada and France. Or register for a training.

Experiencing, sharing and learning together

“I believed that horizontal leadership was something you learn…. I discovered that it’s something that we live and that evolves.”, Patricia

..Horizontal Leadership is a path of iterations and experiments with a good dose of pleasure!”, Francois Xavier

A huge thank you!

We’d like to thank all the participants who joined us for such a beautiful beginning to the francophone community of Going Horizontal. A special thanks from Samantha, who was touched by everyone’s enthusiasm and support.

“…horizontal leadership enables the transformation of people and organizations.”, Marie Madeleine

Want to learn more about Going Horizontal and how we you can step into your Horizontal Leadership?

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