We work with businesses, governments and citizens, public institutions, and non-governmental organizations—people—to tackle the complexity of a shared, emergent future.

WE work ON

Leadership capacity to build capacity

Teach the leadership skills and professional competencies that enable healthy collaboration and self-organizing cultures.

Organizational Innovation

Co-design and co-develop organizational visions, strategies, processes, structures and frameworks that enable future-functioning organizations

System change initiatives

Launch co-created initiatives, projects and programs to transition industries, sectors, and territories towards a social ecological transformation.

Our Service Offering

Co-Creation Processes

Bring collective intelligence to your challenges

Participatory Public Consultations

Create belonging by involving your community of stakeholders

Organizational Development

Make your organization future functioning by changing the way you work


Learn the practices, methods, and frameworks to work in horizontal leadership and collaboration

Design & Creative

Make complexity accessible with design and creative content


Building the commons together

Everything we do is about healthy collaboration.

Interactive live experiences

Human online experiences

Why people work with us

A creative, collaborative, and agile approach

Navigate complexity with clear intentions that guides iterative action loops to develop and grow pathways forward.

Innovative outcomes with the right impact

Unleash collective intelligence to find the real questions, uncover new insights, and create new opportunities.

Transformative learning for your teams

You don’t just get incredible outcomes: we make sure your teams experience & learn new ways of working in the process.

At our learnings' edge - everytime

We see every project as a chance be at the edge of our learnings and do something new—for our clients and for ourselves.

Always human, always systemic

We transform systems by transforming the collaborative practices and relationships on which they are built and maintained.

Internationally networked

With cells in Canada and Europe we cooperate and work across borders. With wider global networks we bring the best and brightest to projects.

Our clients and partners are BOLD enough to take the next step


We’ve done over 900 projects.