Our online/offline trainings are lived experiences of the new practices of working, learning and governing that we’ve been developing over the last 13 years.

We want you to learn to use them, step into you personal leadership to carry them forward, and be part of a global community of practitioners making change.

How to take



culture to

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All courses are built on cutting edge adult development  theory that will contribute to creating a high impact learning culture in your organisation and support your capacity to participate in complexity.


Immersive experiences using your organisational context.

Work with your day to day challenges and needs with double loop learning with lived experiences. Engage in self-reflection on your practice

  • Based on the work of David A. Kolb and Mary Parker Follett.


Delve into underlying belief systems, worldviews, resistance and vulnerability.

Connect your own development with that going on in the world outside. Engage with the complexity that your organisation is living.

  • Based on the work of Jennifer Garvey Berger, Robert Keegan, J. Mezirow.


Develop key capabilities to determine your own learning needs.

Take ownership and control of your learning in a non-linear approach. Engage with horizontal and collective leadership. 

  • Based on the work of Kenyon and Hase and indigenous education.

4 formats to meet your needs

  1. A little curious? Take a taster
  2. Want to properly discover a theme? Jump on a short introduction course
  3. Ready to develop your leadership in an area? Join a learning lab with your team

Committed to some real transition? Take a deep dive program.


  • 2 hours online or in person


  • ONLINE 3 weeks: 2.5 hours synchronous and 2.5 hours asynchronous reading and practice/week 
  • IN PERSON 2 days 


  • ONLINE 9 weeks: 2 hours synchronous and 2 hours asynchronous/week 
  • IN PERSON 3 days and 2 follow up sessions online


  • ONLINE/BLENDED 6 months 4 hours synchronous and 4 hours asynchronous/month, individual learning contracts and international guests

Autonomy and personal leadership

Everyone wants greater autonomy and participation in their teams, meetings, projects. How do you create the conditions for a thriving culture where people are in their full potential ?

Who is this for?

  • You seek to grow engagement and initiative-taking culture with your team.
  • You want to create space for greater personal leadership. 

What you will experience and learn

  • Proposal culture and examining your personal and team proposal habits. 
  • Different approaches to permission culture and clearer idea on how you might impact change on many levels
  • Working wisely with roles, responsibilities and stewardship
  • Discernment with accountability 

What you will walk away with

A better understanding of some of the  challenges you might be experiencing that impact autonomy and a few ways to address them.

Purpose is the leader

For there to be flow and autonomy purpose needs to be explicit. Clarifying purpose is a straightforward skill that can help a team stay on track while autonomy abounds. 

Who is this for?

  • You are frustrated with things getting off track, spinning out, rabbit holes. 
  • You wish for more flexibility in how things function. 

What you will experience and learn

  • How to recognise when purpose is not clear or off track. 
  • Light touch ways of clarifying purpose. 
  • Articulating purpose with ease via a neuroscience informed approach 
  • How to work with evolving purpose 

What you will walk away with

A better understanding of challenges around purpose you might be experiencing and a few ways to address them.

Participatory meetings

Meetings are the heartbeat of an organizational culture and a low risk everage point to bring in more participatory leadership.  Experience a proven set of practices and meeting processes applicable to all kinds of meetings. 

Who is this for?

  • You want to explore news ways of running meetings to increase engagement, efficiency and effectiveness. 
  • You want to grow your workplace collaboration culture

What will you experience and learn?

  • Clarifying purpose and wise agenda setting
  • Managing time as a commons
  • Leading a meeting without being in the center of it
  • Collaborative facilitation 
  • The art of opening and closing meetings
  • Flow and care in remote meetings

What you will walk away with

A better understanding of the meeting challenges you might be experiencing and a few  ways to address them.


Most of us hold back on transparency more than we might think.  Being open is key to collaboration and shared responsibility and certainly for more equitable ways of dealing with finances.

Who is this for?

  • You wish people might get more actively involved in your team or organization. 
  • You want to create a more equitable organization. 

What will you experience and learn

  • Recognising and working with comfort levels around transparency
  • Transparent financial practices
  • Defaulting to open
  • Generative boundaries 
  • Transparency in the relational space

What will you walk away with

A better understanding of the transparency challenges you might be experiencing and a few ways to address them.

Decision making

Decision making is everywhere in an organization—from the smallest operational level to the highest strategic level. Discover how to make your decision making culture more efficient, participatory, and generative.

Who is this for?

  • Your decision making processes are inefficient, unclear, or overly centralized.
  • You want to establish clear boundaries for effective decentralized, individual and participatory decision making.

What will you experience and learn

  • Proposal culture
  • Consent-based decision making
  • Good enough for now practices
  • Working wisely with objections
  • The value of explicit decision making criteria 
  • Understand how, when and where to you use different decision making methods.

What will you walk away with

A better understanding of decision making challenges you might be experiencing and a few ways to address them.

Self directed learning

How can we shift to impactful self-directed learning without top down management? How peers support each other in our learning and development programs?

Who is this for?

  • You want to strengthen and energize your learning culture. 
  • You are wondering how you might build flexibility into a learning program responsibly 

What will you experience and learn

  • Learning rituals to increase self-awareness and personal growth
  • Strengths based feedback practices and culture
  • Collective sensemaking and learning support processes
  • Learning cycle mapping and learning contracts

What will you walk away with

A better understanding of some of the learning program challenges you might be experiencing and a few ways to address them.

Relationships and Conflict

Healthy relationships and tension free work environments are a critical element of any workplace that flows. In a horizontal leadership everyone needs to be equipped with some basic relational tools. 

Who is this for

  • You have friction points and things that go unsaid and would like to have a way to constructively deal with them. 
  • Energies are being drained by communication issues and a negative  work climate. 

What will you experience and learn

  • When to make use of a conversation, circle dialogue or mediation
  • Working with inclusive, constructive and courageous questions around situations 
  • The key elements of circle dialogue process  
  • Trauma informed collaboration tools
  • Self-mediation practice
  • Default conflict profiles and how to stretch them

What will you walk away with

A better understanding of some of the relational challenges you might be experiencing and a concrete ways to address them.

Horizontal Leadership Trainings

Learn the mindset, practices and methods of the 7 domains to develop collaboration and self-organization in your work and your organizations

Sociocracy, Holacracy, Teal or Liberated organizations… Horizontal leadership trainings offer a step-by-step approach that allows individuals to assume their own leadership to make organizations more dynamic, productive, creative, engaging and participative.

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