Participatory Meetings – Practicum

3 x 2.5h online workshops or one full day in person
This training can also be offered in your organization.

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Discover how to use meetings as a leverage point to evolve your workplace culture. This training shines a light on shared leadership, and enlivening and action-oriented approaches. You will experience a tested and proven set of practices, tools and meeting processes applicable to both remote and face-to-face meetings.

What you will walk away with
The ability to run creative and efficient meetings with a variety of principles and practices that can be applied online and offline.

Who is it for

  • Anyone who participates in meetings and wants to explore news ways of running them to increase engagement, efficiency and effectiveness
  • Anyone interested in bringing a new dimension to workplace collaboration

What you will learn

  • Clarifying purpose
  • Managing time as a commons
  • Shared responsibility and facilitation
  • Opening and closing meetings
  • Flow and care in remote meetings
  • Wise agenda setting
  • Leading a meeting without being the center of it
  • Supporting inclusive participation
  • Harvesting: simple and beautiful documentation
  • Art of invitation
  • Learning with feedback
  • Different meetings types for different needs

This workshop is part of the Going Horizontal approach based around the seven domains of collaboration and on an incremental approach to build personal leadership and strong collaborative organizations by making them more dynamic, productive, creative, engaging and participatory.

This course will be delivered on Zoom.