Listen For…Game Hosting


Learn how to bring the power of the Listen for … Game into various professional and personal contexts.
Gain access to print versions of the game!

September 20 2022
(Europe, CET or UTC+1)
(America, EST or UTC-5)

Hosting the Listen for … game strategically

The Listen for … Game holds great potential for impact in a world so in need of change, listening and connection. This training will help you work strategically with the game to navigate transitions, approach difficult situations, transform cultures, build a new leadership model, or offer some well-being.
Prerequisite: Have played the Listen for.. game previously. Join our community games.

Participants will leave with

  • an understanding of the foundations of the game with key references;
  • insight into the strategic potential of the game;
  • tips to read a context and adjust the game to it;
  • different modalities of playing the game and tips for facilitating the game;
  • a clear idea of where you might offer the game in the near future.

Going deeper

Listen For… Facilitating with Ease is an extension course of those who have already taken this Game Facilitation training. Focused on applied learning by practicing hosting the game in your contexts, the extension consists of two 2-hour training sessions during which you will deep dive into nuanced facilitating techniques as well as learn how to use the game as a leverage point for longer change processes. The sessions will be on October 11 and 25. Details will be provided at the end of this training.

Hosted by Samantha Slade, game designer and author of Going Horizontal, the book underlying the game.