Listen For…Game Facilitation Training LEVEL 2


Learn how to work strategically with the Listen For… game for larger impact and change processes. Fine tune how you host the game. This is a practical follow up to the Listen For… Level 1 course, with lots of use cases and peer coaching.

October 11 and 25, 2022
15-17h (Europe, CET or UTC+1)
9-11h (America, EST or UTC-5)

Listen for …
Going deeper

An applied learning course, whereby you practice hosting the game in your context and then bring the experience and your questions into the course.

The course consists of two 2-hour sessions during which you will learn how to use the game as a leverage point for more complex impact and change processes. Discover a range of applications and modalities of play.


Have taken the Listen For… Game Facilitation Training Level 1.

What you walk away with

  1. An understanding of the foundations of the game with key references;
  2. Insight into the strategic potential of the game;
  3. Tips to read a context and adjust the game to it;
  4. Different modalities of playing the game and tips for facilitating the game;
  5. A clear idea of where you might offer the game in the near future;
  6. Connection with a wide variety of game facilitators from around the world.

“Through the training, I realised the importance of connection. The depth that can be put into the game is immense, but it goes well with both simple and complex situations, which showed to me all the capacity of the game.” – Training participant

“The training helped me to consciously develop my listening and bring others into reflection and confidence, to mirror insightful elements and ask open questions” – Training participant (Camille Roberge, CISS de Laval)

Hosted by Samantha Slade, game designer and author of Going Horizontal, the book underlying the game.