Decision Making – Practicum

3 x 2.5h online workshops or one full day in person
This training can also be offered in your organization.

Decision making is everywhere in an organization—from the smallest operational level to the highest strategic level. Discover how to make decision making efficient, participatory, and generative.

Note: cet atelier est aussi offert en français (consultez la liste complète).

Who are these trainings for?

  • Your decision making processes are inefficient, unclear, or overly centralized.
  • You want to establish clear boundaries for effective decentralized, individual and participatory decision making.

What you will learn

  • Proposal culture
  • Consent-based decision making
  • Good enough for now practices
  • Working wisely with objections
  • Making your decision making criteria explicit
  • Clarifying team and individual responsibilities and accountability

Understand how, when and where to you use different kinds of decision making.

  • Advice Process
  • Autocratic with or without consultation
  • Generative Decision Making Model
  • Voting for variability instead of the whole

What you will walk away with

Understanding of four types of decision-making types and when they apply.
The ability to run the Generative Decision Making Process with your team.