One practice at a time

Building our business by sharing the insights, practices and tools we’re co-created through our collective work to empower others to bring change in whatever capacity they chose.

Commons are resources, managed by a community, for the collective well-being, for now and into the future. Its an old and new shared prasctice to take responsibility for a resource, and to build a free, fair, and sustainable system for stewarding them.

How we practice commoning at Percolab

Build Relationships

We constantly build and tend to mutual relationshis with partners and collaborators to become an impactful ecosystem.

Share Learnings

We capture, write and share our own experiments, learnings, practices and failures. And we disseminate those we use from other commons communities.

Open Source

We use the Creative Commons Licence for all we publish, including tools and some processes. Please use, share them and build upon them.

Commoning Across Communities

We are learning from and contributing to commons communities around the world to develop the practices and tools for our collective work.


From the Going Horizontal movement, to Art of Hosting and Fabcity we are learning and building together.

Sharing our Commons with you

Our mission is to grow conscious and collaborative leaders, organizations, and systems to positively support the socio-ecological transition.

Operating as a Living Lab for over 13 years, we’ve been prototyping, learning, and developing ways of working, learning, and doing business that we think is transformational.