Launching the Montréal Inner Development Goals Hub

Launching the Montréal Inner Development Goals Hub

The Inner Development Goals initiative, or IDGs, is a framework co-created by a collective formed by organizations and researchers with the aim of accelerating the achievement of the United Nations’ sustainable development goals.

At Percolab Coop, we see the IDGs initiative as an unprecedented opportunity for the people and organizations across the world to come together and collaborate around common goals for the development of the competencies and ways of thinking that will allow us to fully commit to the socio-ecological transition.


Four Percolab Coop team members sitting around a table, talking and writing

Percolab Coop team members preparing the Montréal IDGs Hub project


The Montréal IDGs Hub will be a platform for experimenting with ways of collaborating within the IDGs network, and with the people and organizations who wish to join the Hub, to explore together the best practices and tools for inner development, because real transformations start with ourselves.

Why is Percolab Coop launching an IDGs Hub?

As for any framework, the impact of the Inner Development Goals will be defined by the capacity of the people, organisations and governments involved to get into action to create concrete changes. This is what motivates our decision to establish the Montréal IDGs Hub, supporting organizations to get into action and to tackle the challenges of the socio-ecological transition being at the heart of Percolab Coop’s purpose.

Getting familiar with the IDGs initiative since 2021, we found that the 23 inner development goals naturally align with the impacts of the services, tools and practices that we have been offering for the past 15 years. In particular, while conducting our impact evaluation of the Listen for… game, we realized that when we thematically group the testimonials of people who experienced the game, the impacts that emerge directly echo most of the IDGs.

visual representation of testimonials from people who played Listen for… organized thematically around 21 inner development goals

The impact of the Listen for… game on inner development

What’s next with the Montréal IDGs Hub?

For the reasons that have been named, Percolab Coop has a natural leadership posture to initiate the creation of the first Inner Development Goals Hub in Canada, with a particularly interesting lever to help develop those inner development goals concretely, so that they do not remain ideals, but lead to a real collective commitment to transform our ways of being, thinking, relating, collaborating and acting, to participate fully to the socio-ecological transition, and to reach the sustainable development goals drawn up by the United Nations. So it is with joy that we rally our strengths to support this project, which we see as transformational and a conduit for hope, and which aligns so well with what we want to create in the world.

On December 9th 2021, Costa Rica became the first country to implement the Inner Development Goals as a framework of reference for its public sector. Our vision and our hope in the long-term is that, like Costa Rica, Québec commits in a concrete way to this global initiative that is going to grow in scope in the months and years to come. It is a stepping stone full of hope to start a real effort to recognise that our past ways of acting have created the critical situation which we are in, and that we can build a better future through the continuous improvement of our inner and interpersonal competencies.

“Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”, Margaret Mead, Cultural Anthropologist.

Two launch events for the Montréal IDGs Hub, with the Listen for… game, will be taking place on June 14th (in French) and June 16th (in English). Register for free here.