Women Taking Voice

Women Taking Voice

to grow the field of regenerative business!

Join us in conversation
With three international authors
Who write about new ways of being and doing in the world with care and consciousness
Susan Basterfield

Enspiral, New Zealand


Better work together: How the power of community can transform your Business

Michelle Holliday

Thrivability, Montreal



The Age of Thrivability: Vital Perspective and Practices for a Better World

Samantha Slade

Percolab Coop, Montreal


Going Horizontal: Creating a Non-hierarchical Organization, One Practice at a Time


And systemic transformation facilitator

Vanessa Reid

Co-founder of the Living Wholeness Institute


Transparent finances and voluntary contribution

This will be a casual, festive gathering. Please feel free to bring your own wine (SAQ on the ground level of ECTO). We have glasses.


17 May 2019


Voluntary contribution
ECTO Coworking Cooperative


ECTO Coworking Cooperative
936 Mont-Royal Ave, Montreal H2J 2C6


Percolab Quebec

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