The Art of Participatory Leadership Training – Ontario

Art of Participatory Leadership Ontario

The world we live in is no longer the same.

Complexity and the pace of change has increased; the ways in which we used to work don’t feel fit for purpose anymore. The future we want – one of truly collaborative effort towards the greater good, and an awareness that the world needs each of us to engage more deeply – is not just incrementally different from today but rather, requires a fundamental shift in how we imagine and effect change… it is a radical transformation.

This makes the question of how we grow our capacity as changemakers vitally important.

Building the capacity to collaborate well with a diversity of others lies in being able to meet the moment in such a way that people stay together to create transformation. Our calling question is:

How can we grow our individual and collective capacity as changemakers to co-create spaces of transformation in these times of complexity and disruption?

The Art of Participatory Leadership is an open-source social technology that has been co-created over time. Much of the art and power of this approach comes not from any individual method but learning to blend and tailor a combination of methods. In this way a practitioner serves the need and purpose of the unique context using an understanding of underlying patterns of process design.

You’re invited to a three-day training in the Art of Participatory Leadership
Thursday, April 18 – Saturday, April 20, 2024 • Guelph, Ontario

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