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But what is learning?

I dare you to ask someone you know what they have learned lately at their work, or what they would like to learn. I need to take a course on “latest software version 5.8”, “presentation skills” or “time management”, someone might say. It seems that most people associate learning with “taking a course”. So, is lifelong, lifewide learning about taking courses all the time for everything?

I certainly hope not. For me, learning happens everyday and all the time. It is a natural process, but somehow it slips through our fingers – we aren’t really aware of all the learning we are doing. Sometimes, (not all the time) it could be interesting, pertinent or professionaly sensible to be able to better capture our learning, to see traces of our foreward movement, to take stock of how much we have progressed, to pat ourselves on the back, to get strategic about a hurdle etc. For this, we need to go beyond training and examinations.

This is lifelong learning, and it requires lifelong learning tools such as the personal learning environment (PLE), the personal competence manager (PCM) or the personal/professional ePortfolio (my one, I dare to share with you). But where go novel tools, goes also a new mindset. Here is our absoluteley amateur attempt at expressing that idea in the area of continuing professional development.

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