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The Game of Many Dares

The Game of many dares was born during an organizational retreat where an order was placed for an uproariously fun and competitive game.
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Qu'est-ce que tu fais mardi ? Ou pourquoi Percolab tient ses réunions ouvertes.

« Pourquoi ne viens-tu pas à l'une de nos rencontres d'équipe? » dis-je au serveur. « Elles ont lieu tous les mardis de 10h à midi chez ECTO, l'espace de travail partagé. »

Self-management and public administrations are not a match you say?

I met Bernd Reichert at a training I offered in Brussels on Self-management.…
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OrgBook - Announcement

Percolab is pleased to announce we are developing an online governance app sharing information, decisions, and actions with all your organization members, in partnership with CIRC. Sign-up for the newsletter to follow.