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Pourquoi la pensée visuelle est-elle si importante

Why are visuals so important to creating understanding and contribution in project work and what are some of the ways you can use visuals to make impact?
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The Game of Many Dares

The Game of many dares was born during an organizational retreat where an order was placed for an uproariously fun and competitive game.
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Qu'est-ce que tu fais mardi ? Ou pourquoi Percolab tient ses réunions ouvertes.

« Pourquoi ne viens-tu pas à l'une de nos rencontres d'équipe? » dis-je au serveur. « Elles ont lieu tous les mardis de 10h à midi chez ECTO, l'espace de travail partagé. »
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The city of the future is the one people narrate together

Imagine, if you will wooden circular structures popping up in the midst of St Catherines walking street or in your local neighbourhood. They look very much like an open basket, because that was their inspiration.