#LifeProfiting through live drawing

Graphic recording takes many guises and it is always great to try out new techniques that push the boundaries. At the RDVMarketing Event in Montreal, I was invited to graphically record a session, but without pen and paper.

Dustin Garis, « Chief troublemaker » of Procter&Gamble, Cincinnati, is never someone to take the mundane approach to presenting. Starting with his entrance on to the stage, a hiphop break dance (by a stand-in!), he knew how to grab the audience’s full attention.  His presentation entitled #LifeProfit began as expected with a few slides, and then he looked at the audience and asked « Wouldn’t it be interesting if we had a graphic recorder to bring the presentation alive? » That was my cue.  Though I was invisible to the audience (I was in the tech booth with my writing tablet) I announced my presence by writing a simple ‘Hi’ directly onto the slide.

The audience was pleasantly surprised. And from thereon, as Dustin presented his ideas and take on LifeProfit and experience, I would overlay improvised visuals onto the slides – some light touches to bring out parts of the slide as Dustin talked or graphically interpreting his words.

It was an act of trust because Dustin and I had never met prior nor did we rehearse.  We were playing together and it added a layer of dynamism to the presentation.

Graphic recording can really support the understanding of the message, more than slides of bullet-pointed text ever could. There is no end to how we can bring play and improv into our world.


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