A Powerful Tool to Create Clarity and Attain Collective Wisdom


Twelve new Flow Game practitioners were trained in Montreal in February 2019. Call on them to discover the power of this game and bring clarity to an issue that is important to you!

Do you have an issue to explore?

If you want to find clarity through dialogue and reflection using a powerful and creative tool, you will love the Flow Game. Individually or as a team, the spirit of this game is to be as challenging as you are supportive.

The Flow Game is a unique opportunity to give and receive wisdom on an issue that is important to you.


Individual Flow Game

The game takes place in an environment of trust and friendliness. The objective of the game is to reveal, strengthen and clarify your leadership and actions. You will see how collective support allows you to go a lot farther than thinking just by yourself.

Team Flow Game

Unleash the potential of your team in order to boost your work. You will have the opportunity to explore an issue that is meaningful to you for your work through a collective game featuring 7 dimensions of wisdom with collective intent at its core. It is a way to dive into a topic that is important to the team while having fun.


What you need for a team Flow Game:
  • A minimum of 2 hours. We recommend 3 hours;
  • A collective issue to explore. We will help you clarify the issue;
  • A group of about 4 to 8 people. If there are more players, we will form two groups.


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