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How can we live, think and act together in our collectivities, cities and organizations?

Percolab is known for the creative approaches we bring to innovative initiatives. We tap into collective intelligence and make use our mastery in process design,  ethnography and design thinking. We are thrilled to announce our partnership with the french company Comm1Possible, creator of the Nacelles.

The Nacelles is a participatory and connected urban furniture that contributes to the transformation of public spaces, working environments and (re)creates spaces of intelligent and collaborative encounters. Nacelles are a physical social network on a territory that enhances sharing, connections and innovation. People can meet, work or live an original event experience in a Nacelles.

Comm1Possible has already had significant impact with Nacelles in France (1 citizen in 15 has been in a Nacelles) and Morocco at COP22.

Percolab is bringing the Nacelles to North America!  Next up, working with our partner to develop a charter that will support the expansion of Nacelles internationally in service of social impact. We are working with our favorite local FabLab  – ÉchoFab to ensure the local builds.

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