Re-invent and upgrade (your) organisational context.

with Samantha Slade, from Percolab, Montréal.

You want to reflect on your organizational culture, on its way to (more conscious) self-organisation?
You want to discover new, easy to use daily micro-practices to build this culture?
You are open to share your own practices and see where they benefit from some upgrade or improvement?

Join us in this super practical and highly participatory training with Samantha Slade! She is co-founder of Percolab, a self-governing company, since 10 years dedicated to live and impact the future of work through learning, experimenting and prototyping in their own team and working with government, companies, organizations and start-ups. Samantha’s book Going Horizontal. Creating a Non-Hierarchical Organization, one practice at a time will be released Oct.’18.

Who is this for?

  • People who read inspirational books like Re-inventing Organisations and want to know where to start.
  • People who have been trying things out, wanting to strengthen and deepen their experiments.
  • People who are interested in bringing new ways of working in organizations – all types, all sectors.
  • Our workshops invite people from all organisational levels to enhance the diversity in the room.
  • Each person will bring their specific and unique organizational context into the activities of the training.


  • Location

    La Maria, Karel Geertsstraat 2a, 2140 Borgerhout-Antwerp, Belgium

    Public transport: Train to Antwerp central station, metroline 10 or 8, take stop at Zegel

  • Date

    24, 25, 26 April 2018

  • Hours

    All days from 9h30  to 17h00  (welcome at 9.00)

  • Organizer

    Percolab and  Spotted Zebras


  • All days from 9.30 (welcome at 9.00) till 17.00
  • Each day
    • share our context, questions and challenges
    • discover different patterns, models and practices
    • practicing, peer coaching
    • reflect together, individual and collective sense-making in relation to your own place of work

Prices and Payment:

Included in the price: coffee, tea and healthy snacks in the breaks, organic lunch, workshop fee, documents, links and overview document afterwards.

You can choose between two payment approaches for this training:

You engage with the shared economy and you make an initial, basic payment of € 95 (excl. VAT) per day when registering.

During the workshop you decide the additional amount, based on the overall budget and your personal financial possibilities, which you pay the next day.

Fixed standard prices for business or social-profit; early bird if registered and paid before March 31.

Purpose of this workshop series:

To become more aware of our unconscious mainstream ways of organizing and develop new habits and practices from a non-hierarchical paradigm. In this way we are re-connecting with our natural way of working.

Tuesday 24 April ‘18:

Day-to-day self-organisation

From new meeting practices to distribution of roles

In moving from central power to self-organisation and self-management meetings and conversations are – and stay – the backbone of organizational culture. Our mainstream meeting culture is hierarchical, but it is possible to have meetings while also building trust and engagement. We will share and teach 6 specific techniques – easy but critical – for sharing responsibilities and accountabilities and strengthen autonomy.

Starting with self-organisation is an ongoing journey until all the work is released into roles and responsibilities and all take care of the whole – away from limited job descriptions.

Wednesday 25 April ‘18:

Governance in self-organisation

Transparency – openness – decision making

Moving away from hierarchy (all decisions taken up high), self-organisation doesn’t mean that we now need to sit with everybody until everyone agrees (consensus) or let it all happen in chaos.

The workshop will speak about different areas in organizations where you can open up the working culture: e.g. micro-practices for communication and sharing, good enough to try methods, financial transparency… Ultimately, governance it is about conscious decision-making, on both an individual and collective level, through the practices of advice process and Generative Decision Making.

Thursday 26 April ‘18:

Learning & development & conflict in self-organization

Personal leadership – relational culture – conflict resolution

The journey from a dis-engaged to an engaged culture means growing the relational culture. Different skill sets are needed to make this happen:

Personal: building self awareness and self-acceptance – stepping up, have courage to initiate new ways of working – recognizing our personal habits

Interpersonal: building more and better relationships – supporting each other – have the difficult conversations – and more

Team – organizational level: practice of collective sense-making

These 3 days build on each other, so 1 + 1 +1 is more than 3! You can register for one, or two days too; but if you engage for the whole series your practice will be stronger and easier to integrate when you step back in your working environment. For this purpose we strongly recommend to come with colleagues – and get a discount!

Workshop is in English, but small practice groups can be in Dutch or French or…

Together, we will take care of translations where needed – collective intelligence in practice!

  • Organizers

    Organised and hosted by Ria Baeck, Ilona Piron & An Baert (Spotted Zebras – Belgium) with Nil Roda Noguera (Percolab Barcelona – Spain) and Phoebe Tickell (Schumacher College – UK).

  • Contact

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