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    Otaki, New Zealand

    Address : Riverslea Retreat, 733 Otaki Gorge Road, Otaki, Wellington 5582, New Zealand

  • Date

    5th – 8th February 2018

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How can a deeper understanding of facilitation & hosting allow us to lead more intentionally?

We know we need to get better at governance and do better organising and better leadership. Much of the thinking and practices being transmitted and modelled in the organizations we navigate within just don’t feel right.

How can a deeper understanding of facilitation & hosting allow us to lead more intentionally? strengthen our work? interconnect and support each other? unleash our individual and collective potential?

This is a 3-day massively hands-on training where we will be in practice and co-learning around a different way of organising, leading and governing.

No matter what our domain of work or our role, facilitation and hosting are a part of it. They are key skills for our times. This training is for anyone, from New Zealand or elsewhere, who is interested in developing skills and consciousness in the way facilitation and hosting weave into our work – a form of “facilitative leadership”.

During the training, you will be invited to

– host conversations that matter to transform the systems you are in

– explore the inner state of the host, which invites emergence

– discover different collaborative methods and practices

– explore your own leadership, your relationship to entrepreneurship and money

– experience the potential of the collective to co-create real results in which everyone enjoys participating.

The training will support your learning by teaching the underpinning theory of Participatory Leadership, give real-time experience through using the dialogue methods and coaching those who are ready to begin hosting during the training. Participants will be in the practice of hosting whilst learning about it.

You will experience models, methods, and process design techniques that will support you to explore working with collaboration strategically so that diverse or even conflicting perspectives can create a new future. On a personal level, you will experience a sense of belonging to a community where you can share similar fears, anxieties, hopes and ideas.

We are honoured to be hosted by Ria Baeck from Belgium, and Samantha Slade and Paul Messer from Montreal.

Ria Baeck, Percolab and Spotted Zebras, Belgium

A psychologist and therapist by training, Ria’s almost 30 years’ professional experience, her enduring curiosity and her capacity to create safe learning spaces, have made her a master support for real participatory and innovative approaches. Always scanning what’s new in work, collaboration and co-creation, she combines a range of tools and practices that are useful and effective. She is known for her embodied presence and inner repose, as well as her highly developed sensing skills, crucial in designing emergent processes. The question that always guides Ria’s work is: what is the next bit of potential that is ready to take form – in individuals, teams, organizations and large systems – with just a little bit of help?

Samantha Slade, Percolab, Montreal, Canada

A conscious entrepreneur, Samantha co-founded the international Percolab network and a coworking coop in Montreal. For over 20 years, she has been putting her background in anthropology and learning design in service of innovation work in North America and internationally. Emergent process, design thinking, ethnography and a vast range of participatory approaches are her tools. Samantha is actively engaged in the international commons movement and the Art of Hosting community.

Author of Going Horizontal – Creating a Non-Hierarchical Organization, One Practice at a Time (BK Publishers, fall 2018), Samantha believes organizations can be a microcosm of the world we want to live in.

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Price includes 3 nights accommodation (shared) and all meals.


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    Suzan Basterfield

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