Visual Thinking Lab


Discover how visual thinking can propel your projects and ideas …

Do you want to give more weight to your communications, more space to your creativity, then this workshop is for you!

Through this workshop, you will discover how visual thinking can help you better understand your projects, communicate your ideas with others and co-create together.

More than drawing techniques, it will include techniques to think visually in order to free up space to act in complexity

This workshop, whatever your drawing skills, will take your visual thinking towards becoming a natural habit!

Who is this for

Anyone wishing to create a visual understanding of a project, an idea, vision …

Leaders, entrepreneurs, facilitators, coaches, teachers, architects, creators, artists, cultural mediators…


Be able to hold a pen!

Wanting to express yourself and your projects visually.


The whole training will be built around the participants own projects. The workshop will use individual and group work using through methods, concepts and practices.

Our facilitators

Special Guest: Mary Alice Arthur https://www.getsoaring.com

Mary Alice is a Story Activist, using story to help create positive systemic shift and for applying collective intelligence to the critical issues of our times. Her art is in creating brave and transformational spaces where people can find and live into the stories that take them to their most flourishing future. Building the capacity for participatory practice supports people to take back the power of their stories so they can make wiser choices together. She is a sought after process consultant and event host, and an engaging speaker. As an international steward of the Art of Hosting (http://www.artofhosting.org/) she teaches participatory practice around the world. Through Story the Future (http://www.storythefuture.com)  she is spreading the meme of Story Activism, supporting people to develop their skills and practice, and engaging in leading edge conversations about the power and potential in our world. For more on her work and resources to support this book:  http://www.getsoaring.com/

Paul Messer – International visual practitioner 

Visual strategy – Graphic facilitation – Web – illustrator of Going Horizontal

With a background in the visual arts, industrial design, and web development, Paul applies design thinking to everyday life : taking complex and complicated concepts and rendering them in simple and understandable visual formats through purposeful doodling, simple mockups, and prototyping processes. Paul produces elegant design and robust, user-friendly online spaces with open-source software and agile methodologies, tending to the quality of user experience and user input.

Studies: B.A. (Industrial Design), Design for Manufacture

Based in Montreal, Canada

And I heard Samantha Slade will be there!


Date: 10 May2019

Location: 1200 Avenue McGill College bureau 1400, Montréal, QC H3B 4G7 (14e étage bureau des CRHA)

Language: Mostly English because our special guest Marie-Alice speak english, but at Percolab language should never stop you, we are all bilingual, (une facilitatrice francophone sera présente!)

Price: You are a member of CHRP, ask us for our special!

Pour s’inscrire :
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For more information, contact us 



May 10 2019


9 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min


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