Going Horizontal International Training, South of France

How do we transform our workplace into a more human and engaging space, beyond being cogs in a machine?

What are some strategic pathways towards participatory leadership that will avoid falling into chaos?

Is shared leadership really possible?

What happens to managers in a less hierarchical organization?


If you find yourself asking any of these questions, then you know the way we run organizations is changing! People want to be part of teams that are empowered, engaged and autonomous – while staying connected to the purpose and strategy of the organisation.

This Going Horizontal training is an immersive and experiential leadership training that helps you really understand the growing field of self-organization. It equips you with practical methods, tools and strategies at the core of collaborative ways of working – that you can apply right away. 







It doesn’t matter what field you work in or your role, only that you want to help an organization, big or small, find its way into a shared leadership model and purpose-driven work. This includes organizations that are beginning their journey and want to figure out where and how to move forward, as well as those who have been on the journey for a while and wish to step back and gather a wider perspective. 


I learned useful techniques for improving co-creative dialogue in decentralized organizations

Enrique AznarProfessor IESE Business School, international legal and compliance expert

it is possible to be both professional and empathetic

Anton DalsmoEngineer

I came away energized, excited and with a renewed enthusiasm for what our company is doing. I can honestly say that in my 25+ year career I have not experienced anything like it!

Organization DesignerET Group

The seven dimensions in the horizontal framework can help you be grounded and calm and still work in hurricane environments

Hollie HollisterPrincipal of marketing consulting firm H Cubed Group


After Belgium, Spain, Canada and the Netherlands, Going Horizontal is coming to France,
in a magical setting along the Mediterranean Sea at Sète


Known as the Venice of Languedoc and the singular island (in Paul Valéry‘s words), it is a port and a seaside resort on the Mediterranean with its own very strong cultural identity, traditions, cuisine and dialect.” (Wikipedia)

Learning Objectives

  • A deeper understanding of a new leadership paradigm
  • A toolkit full of tried-and-tested practices
  • Reflections that challenge your assumptions and approach to work.
  • Clarity on the first ‘next step’ you commit to
  • A community committed to exploring new ways of working more collaboratively

In this Training you will Learn and Practice…

  • How to boost Autonomy, invite initiative taking and accountability.
  • How to use Purpose as a compass that unlocks coordinated action and non-hierarchy.
  • How to organise and host Meetings that are effective, engaging, and co-created at their core
  • How to work with Transparency as a practice of innovation and a basis for trust
  • How to find the right Decision Making methodologies appropriate for different scenarios in your team or organization
  • How to embed self-directed Learning and Development tools and routines into daily work life, with the objective of supporting each other’s learning.
  • How to work with Relationships & Conflict as a tool for growth and learning, and enhance team cohesion



Our hugely experienced international team will offer you a rich range of practices and support during this very personal training.

Samantha Slade

Samantha Slade


Author of Going Horizontal ∙ Co-Founder of Percolab network∙ Social innovator and social designer ∙ TedX Speaker on The Future is in Business as Commons

Nadine Jouanen

Nadine Jouanen


Co-director Percolab France ∙ Organizational change maker ∙ Cocreator of living system legal frameworks ∙ President of the Collective des Garrigues

Nil Roda-Naccari Noguera

Nil Roda-Naccari Noguera


Percolab member ∙ Board member and coordinator of the Naccari Ravà Foundation ∙ Youth leadership coach ∙ Integrating music into system change facilitation

Going Horizontal Apprentices

Karine Zufferey

Karine Zufferey


Percolab co-director Democratizing conflict resolution and mediation ∙ international project manager ∙ Former NGO director turned horizontal co-director ∙ Art of asking questions

Fanny Monod-Mitrev

Fanny Monod-Mitrev


Percolab co-director ∙ Graphic recorder and visual thinker ∙ Solidarity economy supporter ∙ Facilitator of collective innovation and creativity processes

Marina Lynch

Marina Lynch


Co-creation and organisation coach ∙ Participatory leadership approaches ∙ Communications

Anne-Laure Romanet

Anne-Laure Romanet


Former Google and Canal+ analyst ∙ Project manager and operations manager ∙ Trainer of social entrepreneurs in Hanoi, Vietnam ∙ participatory approaches in organizations


2.5 days of training (1 trainer per 5 participants), 2 nights lodging, meals (vegetarian options) and snacks, Going Horizontal materials  and access to the sea side.

You have two options for payment. Please choose according to your situation and interest.

1) Traditional pricing – A fixed price for the event up-front.
Full price of €1500 including accommodation (for those staying off site €1350)
If you live and work in France, you can get your training taken in charge of. Please contact us infofrance at percolab . com.

2) Shared Economy

Shared economy is a system that allows you to self-determine how much you pay and to partake in the budget responsibility. It requires an initial payment, to cover minimal costs, in this case €650 for a residential training (for those staying off site €500). On the second day of the training, you will be invited to make a second payment based on your financial context, information on the budget and your experience of the training. Learn more about the shared economy model

It’s a great idea to come with your colleagues – if you plan to do this, contact us to discuss group rates.


Going Horizontal

Creating a Non-Hierarchical Organization, One Practice at a Time

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Oct 23 2019 - Oct 25 2019


Starts 4pm on Wednesday 23rd Oct, right the way through to 5pm on 25th October
16 h 00 min - 17 h 00 min


Centre de vacances Familial Le Lazaret
223 Rue du Pasteur Lucien Benoît, 34200 Sète, France