Going Horizontal Practice Workshop


Every change starts with practice.


How do we gain agility and efficiency?

How do we offer a healthier workplace?

How do we present ourselves differently and embody the changes we want to see happen around us?

Develop your non-hierarchical thinking and practices by experiencing seven fields of collaborative practices. This one-day activity will allow you to consolidate, accelerate and deepen the work you have begun.

Live the experience of working collaboratively, with shared leadership. Explore practices and tools that are immediately transferable to your work or personal context. Focused on practical and concrete exercises, this activity has been offered in organizations all over the world.


Your hosts


Samantha Slade

A conscious entrepreneur, Samantha co-founded the Percolab network and the ECTO co-working coop in Montreal. For more than 20 years, she has put her knowledge of anthropology and education at the service of social and organizational innovation, both in North America and internationally. Her tools include the implementation of emerging processes, ethnography, design thinking and a wide range of participatory approaches. Samantha is actively engaged in the future of cities, the commons movement and the Art of Hosting international community. She supports teams, organizations and ecosystems in renewing their approach to participatory leadership, collaborative practices and prototyping.



Stéphanie Bossé, CRHA

Certified HR professional (CRHA), expert in organizational development and change management, Stéphanie chose to integrate creativity into her practice, focusing on people because they are the ones who create value in organizations and systems. She uses a strengths-based approach to mobilize stakeholders through return to meaning, autonomy and commitment. Practitioner of appreciative inquiry and black belt in lean, Stéphanie developed the approach known as the “Appreciative Kata”. She brings a vast experience in executive coaching to her work in cultural and organizational innovation. She mixes individual and team coaching into culture change and co-creation processes.





You have two options for payment. Please choose according to your situation and interest.

1. Traditional pricing
  • BUSINESS: $295
2. Shared economy pricing

Shared economy is a system that allows you to self-determine how much you pay and to partake in the budget responsibly. It requires an initial payment to cover minimal costs, in this case $115 plus taxes. At the event, you will be invited to make a second payment based on your financial context, information on the event budget and your experience of the activity.




The event will take place at Santropol Roulant (111, Roy St., Montreal, Quebec).



Oct 15 2019


9 h 00 min - 16 h 30 min



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Santropol Roulant


Percolab Quebec
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