Invitation : Lancement-découverte Nacelles – 28 mai

Percolab vous invite au Lancement-découverte des Nacelles

Les Nacelles, conçues par Comm1possible sont maintenant disponibles au Canada en partenariat avec Percolab.

Venez imaginer comment les Nacelles vont propulser votre projet.

Pour cette occasion spéciale, nous avons le plaisir de compter sur la complicité du Conseil régional de l’environnement de Montréal qui découvriront tout comme vous les Nacelles!

Rendez-vous de 5.30 à 7.30pm lundi 28 mai à la Maison du Développement durable de Montréal.
Rafraîchissements et bouchées seront au menu pour enchanter ce moment de partage.

Ouvert à tous! Merci de confirmer votre présence ici .

Qu’est-ce qu’une Nacelle?

– Événement bilingue | Bilingual event –

Percolab is proud to invite you to the summer 2018 launch of the Nacelles.

Designed by Comm1possible in France, Percolab is the first Canadian partner to make this urban, mobile furniture available this side of the Atlantic.

Come for a social evening to discover how a Nacelle could amplify the collective impact of your next project!

For this special occasion, we are proud to collaborate with the CRE of Montreal.
Refreshments and snacks will be available, join us for a drink and snack between 5:30 and 7:30pm.

Everyone is welcome! Please confirm here.



Ouvert à tous! (gratuit)

Everyone is welcome! (free)

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    Organisé par Percolab

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Invitation : Practicing for Peace Dojo, April 19-22 2018 – France


  • Location

    near Montpellier in the South of France

    Adresse :
    Domaine de Nabès
    RD 908
    34 800 Mourèze

  • Date

    April 19-22, 2018

  • Hours

    Start at 18:00 (April 19) – End at 14:00 (April 22)

  • Host

    Toke Paludan Møller, Marc Levitte and Nadine Jouanen.

  • Organizer

    Percolab France

  • Language

    Bilingual event (English/French)

You are invited to a three-day residential dojo to learn and to teach in a beautiful setting with other passionate about practicing peace.

In dealing with the challenges, complexities, and demands of modern life, this gathering offers us an opportunity to explore ways to work from a place of peace and strength: a place that has the heart at the centre, is balanced, calm and clearly decisive when action is needed. Through guidance and fellowship, let’s explore practices that offer insight into the nature of leading self and others as a “Practitioner of Peace”.

The Dojo
In this dojo, we will:
– Bring together the principles and practices of Aikido basics as a stimulus for conversation and reflection, and apply the Flow Game to seed wise action
– Assist to explore ways of engaging and aligning personal passion and purpose with the work we want and need to be doing in the world
– Offer an opportunity to focus on improving our sense of well-being in good company and with informed guidance

The Team
This gathering is being organised by Toke Paludan Møller, Marc Levitte and Nadine Jouanen. Toke is the host and facilitator of the dojo.Toke is a warrior of the heart Aikido practitioner and host of participatory leadership processes. He is a co-creator of The Art of hosting, The Flow Game, The Practicing for Peace dojo and Designing for Wiser Action.

More info :
Download the full invitation here :

  • Organizer name

    Nadine Jouanen

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Methodologies and tools:

Invitation : New leadership for new times, Feb. 27 – March 1, 2018 in Belgium


Today’s world offers huge potential for communication, mobility, better health and knowledge acquisition. Digital media allow us to connect with anyone, anywhere, at any time. Everything seems possible, and everything is in flux. Humanity seems to be searching for new coherence that embraces both complexity and well-being, both individual and collective.

Not least, there is a strong need for a new kind of leadership, in our businesses, our organisations and our society. A leadership that can navigate unpredictabililty and complexity, find new landmarks and point the way towards individual and collective thriving. A leadership that can both connect with the here and now and fearlessly face what is coming.

This 3-day training offers methods and ways of working that can help both individuals and organisations to grapple with the growing complexity. You will have an opportunity to explore what it means to guide living systems, while immersing yourself in the practices of co-creation.

Do you sometimes wonder

  • what skills and capacities could help you in the transition from hierarchy to self-management and self-organisation? 
  • how to approach leadership in this complex and unpredictable world? 
  • how to increase your confidence in your own capacities, and to sharpen your skills to succeed in any endeavour?  
  • how to clarify your own intentions so that you can be more effective in working with others, both inside and outside organisations?  

Or are you looking to:

  • learn methods for introducing self-management and self-organisation in your organisation?  
  • develop an organisational culture where innovation and feedback can flourish?  
  • improve how you approach complex questions? 
  • find ways to make co-creation and collaboration more efficient and effective?  
  • gain a more concrete understanding of what participatory leadership means in practice?  
  • try out breakthrough leadership?  

Our traditional organisational forms and culture are no longer enough – not in businesses, not in civil society, not in government, and certainly not where any kind of innovation is needed! This raises some burning questions:

  • How do I breathe life into a start-up or new network?  
  • How do I overcome the inertia of old, ingrained structures and habits?  
  • How can I reinvent myself – how can we reinvent ourselves – as we go, on the job 

While there are no easy answers to these questions, principles and daily practices for participatory leadership do exist, that really allow us to have a different kind of conversation and take action in a different way. These are principles and practices that we can learn and that can support us in our evolution.

The Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter – the focus of these 3 days of learning together – is an approach which scales leadership out from the individual to the whole system. You will discover innovative personal practices, dialogue formats, ways of hosting/facilitating teams, groups and networks, and co-creation of innovation for tackling the complex challenges facing us.

The ‘art’ in the Art of Hosting consists in eliciting and harnessing the collective intelligence of any group of people – a community, a network, an organisation or business – with a view to finding better, more sustainable solutions to complex challenges.

  • how to host meaningful conversations and harvest new insights and innovative action from collective wisdom  
  • how to design collaborative processes that result in co-creation and collective wisdom  
  • how to apply participatory leadership to best advantage in your own context 
  • which methods and techniques to use for your projects and the specific challenges of each  
  • better understanding of complexity in group processes and how to navigate it.  

This very interactive training will throw you directly in the deep end of participatory leadership. We bring the theory into practice from the outset, going to work with the questions, ideas and projects of the participants.


This 3-day training is for you if you:

  • are looking for answers to today’s complex questions 
  • feel the need to grow in co-creation and collaboration with others  
  • are curious about what participatory leadership looks like in practice 
  • want to develop as a leader 
  • are looking for ways to lead your organisation towards greater self-direction and self-organisation. 

You are invited as:
✓ a social entrepreneur
✓ a CEO or manager
✓ an educator, parent, volunteer, student, school board member
✓ team member or policy maker in local and provincial government
✓ manager or policy maker in an NGO or civil society organisation
✓ consultant or coach
✓ organiser of multi-sector dialogue or societal leader.

The training will be delivered in both Dutch and English – because we have some international trainers in our team. It will be our collective task to ensure that everything is translated for those who need it (collective intelligence in action!)



Methodologies and tools:

Invitation : Discovery Art of Hosting France, January 31 – February 2, 2018


  • Lieu

    Sommières, France

    Adresse : CART, 31 rue Emilien Dumas, 30250 Sommières, France

  • Date

    January 31 to February 2, 2018

  • Heures

    Dès 17h30

  • Organisateur

    Percolab France

For more than twenty years, Art of Hosting has modelled a way forward in collective intelligence all over the world. Come discover for yourself, during a 3 day intensive training in the beautiful south of France #AoHFrance

In addition to the usual fixed rate to cover the hosting and teaching costs (€1250 *) we are therefore innovating by also inviting you to participate in a shared economy experiment. This is a cooperative approach whereby the financial responsibility for the seminar is shared by the community of both participants and hosting team. For this seminar, we invite your willingness to open up to different ways of seeing ourselves and the world. In practice, this means that you will decide on the sum of money that represents the richness of these 3 days, taking account of the costs of the event, its value to you and your own financial resources.   Payment will take place in two installments: a first instalment, the same for everyone, before the seminar, and the second at the end.  1st instalment: 450€, payable in advance on this website : he minimum contribution needed to organise and run the seminar (logistics, materials, communication, website)  2nd instalment: at the end of the seminar, you will choose the amount to honour and appreciate the work of the hosting team. We will be dedicating time and attention during the seminar to open this conversation – always an enriching experience – about the value of this seminar to you and the ways in which we as a community can cover the budget. You can find a more detailed explanation of this financial model and its ethos at

* Percolab est un organisme de formation exonéré de TVA. Cet enregistrement ne vaut pas agrément de l’Etat.

* Percolab is a TVA exempt training center

  • Nom de l’organisateur/trice

    Nadine Jouanen, SAS percolab Europe

  • Contact

    Courriel :  infofrance [at]

    Téléphone : +33 6 17 79 83 10



Methodologies and tools:

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Invitation : Art of Hosting in New Zealand, 5th – 8th February 2018


  • Location

    Otaki, New Zealand

    Address : Riverslea Retreat, 733 Otaki Gorge Road, Otaki, Wellington 5582, New Zealand

  • Date

    5th – 8th February 2018

  • Organizer


How can a deeper understanding of facilitation & hosting allow us to lead more intentionally?

We know we need to get better at governance and do better organising and better leadership. Much of the thinking and practices being transmitted and modelled in the organizations we navigate within just don’t feel right.

How can a deeper understanding of facilitation & hosting allow us to lead more intentionally? strengthen our work? interconnect and support each other? unleash our individual and collective potential?

This is a 3-day massively hands-on training where we will be in practice and co-learning around a different way of organising, leading and governing.

No matter what our domain of work or our role, facilitation and hosting are a part of it. They are key skills for our times. This training is for anyone, from New Zealand or elsewhere, who is interested in developing skills and consciousness in the way facilitation and hosting weave into our work – a form of “facilitative leadership”.

During the training, you will be invited to

– host conversations that matter to transform the systems you are in

– explore the inner state of the host, which invites emergence

– discover different collaborative methods and practices

– explore your own leadership, your relationship to entrepreneurship and money

– experience the potential of the collective to co-create real results in which everyone enjoys participating.

The training will support your learning by teaching the underpinning theory of Participatory Leadership, give real-time experience through using the dialogue methods and coaching those who are ready to begin hosting during the training. Participants will be in the practice of hosting whilst learning about it.

You will experience models, methods, and process design techniques that will support you to explore working with collaboration strategically so that diverse or even conflicting perspectives can create a new future. On a personal level, you will experience a sense of belonging to a community where you can share similar fears, anxieties, hopes and ideas.

We are honoured to be hosted by Ria Baeck from Belgium, and Samantha Slade and Paul Messer from Montreal.

Ria Baeck, Percolab and Spotted Zebras, Belgium

A psychologist and therapist by training, Ria’s almost 30 years’ professional experience, her enduring curiosity and her capacity to create safe learning spaces, have made her a master support for real participatory and innovative approaches. Always scanning what’s new in work, collaboration and co-creation, she combines a range of tools and practices that are useful and effective. She is known for her embodied presence and inner repose, as well as her highly developed sensing skills, crucial in designing emergent processes. The question that always guides Ria’s work is: what is the next bit of potential that is ready to take form – in individuals, teams, organizations and large systems – with just a little bit of help?

Samantha Slade, Percolab, Montreal, Canada

A conscious entrepreneur, Samantha co-founded the international Percolab network and a coworking coop in Montreal. For over 20 years, she has been putting her background in anthropology and learning design in service of innovation work in North America and internationally. Emergent process, design thinking, ethnography and a vast range of participatory approaches are her tools. Samantha is actively engaged in the international commons movement and the Art of Hosting community.

Author of Going Horizontal – Creating a Non-Hierarchical Organization, One Practice at a Time (BK Publishers, fall 2018), Samantha believes organizations can be a microcosm of the world we want to live in.

For more information on the Art of Hosting please visit

Price includes 3 nights accommodation (shared) and all meals.


  • Organizer name

    Suzan Basterfield

  • Contact



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