Pulling on the self-managing thread: The Regitex experience

16 November 2017/by Elizabeth Hunt

Principles and processes for co-designing self-organizing events

It’s easier than it sounds. If you organize events, this is for you.
2 November 2017/by Samantha Slade

Why visual thinking matters

Why are visuals so important to creating understanding and contribution in project work and what are some of the ways you can use visuals to make impact?
3 October 2017/by Paul Messer

The Game of Many Dares

The Game of many dares was born during an organizational retreat where an order was placed for an uproariously fun and competitive game.
22 September 2017/by Paul Messer

What are you doing on Tuesday? Or why Percolab has open team meetings.

7 September 2017/by Elizabeth Hunt

The city of the future is the one people narrate together

Guest Author: Mary Alice Arthur, Get Soaring If you’ve ever…
6 September 2017/by Cédric

Percolab needs to be seen!

25 August 2017/by Elizabeth Hunt

Self-management and public administrations are not a match you say?

I met Bernd Reichert at a training I offered in Brussels on Self-management.…
16 July 2017/by Samantha Slade

Collective sense-making as practice

Semi-structured co-learning across projects, domains, territories Collective…
13 July 2017/by Samantha Slade

What is the pay system you dream of? Beyond the taboo of money

“The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates, and a monthly salary.” ― Nassim Nicholas Taleb
29 June 2017/by Samantha Slade

Poems from Me to We: harvesting humanness

What can real-time collective sense-making look like?
23 May 2017/by Cédric

Art of Asking for Help

How comfortable are you at asking for help? How clear are your requests for help?
23 April 2017/by Samantha Slade

OrgBook – Announcement

Percolab is pleased to announce we are developing an online governance app sharing information, decisions, and actions with all your organization members, in partnership with CIRC. Sign-up for the newsletter to follow.
13 March 2017/by Paul Messer

Generative Decision Making Process

Collective decision making made efficient (yes, it’s possi…
27 February 2017/by Paul Messer

Être exposant dans une conférence et vivre une expérience d’intelligence collective, c’est possible!

Tenir un kiosque lors d'une conférence est une expérience…
18 August 2016/by Cédric

How does an organisation shift to self-management?

The inside tale of percolab's shift to self-management.
22 June 2016/by Samantha Slade

What makes a coworking click?

Reflections on likemindedness and diversity.
11 May 2016/by Samantha Slade

À quoi sert une formation percolab?

L'impact de nos formations raconté par un participant.
22 March 2016/by Samantha Slade

What is self-management, really?

What are the operational keystones of self-management? percolab's story.
22 March 2016/by Samantha Slade

Mobilisation créative et collaborative des milieux culturels

Ajouter de la rigueur et de la légèreté à la collaboration
23 February 2016/by Samantha Slade

Trois astuces pour aborder un enjeu complexe

Est-ce qu'il vous arrive de tourner en rond autour d'une problématique?
23 October 2015/by Samantha Slade

Partager ses connaissances autrement

Le Devoir par Arnaud Stopa - Collaborateur (lien externe)
18 October 2015/by admin

Learning conversations for entrepreneurship

How can we as organisations learn from each other?
28 September 2015/by Samantha Slade

Les nouvelles pratiques de travail

« De la colocation à la collaboration » est le titre de l'article…
18 September 2015/by admin

Family cottage as a commons?

A story of shipping containers and adaptive governance.
29 July 2015/by Samantha Slade

L’innovation c’est la pollinisation

Des méthodologies et les communs.
30 June 2015/by Paul Messer

Le cercle d’action en une image

Une méthodologie créative pour des situations complexes.
15 June 2015/by Samantha Slade

Playing with Open Space Methodology

Can a city be your Open Space venue?
6 June 2015/by Samantha Slade

#LifeProfiting through live drawing

Graphic recording, but without markers or paper!
26 March 2015/by Paul Messer

Le pouvoir à l’infini: repenser nos relations de pouvoir

Connaissez-vous les quatre types de pouvoir?
11 February 2015/by Elizabeth Hunt

La participation citoyenne, une démarche pédagogique?

La participation citoyenne c'est comme la crème glacée! Quatre principes et une étude de cas.
6 February 2015/by Samantha Slade

Atelier l’art d’agir ensemble : une coopération franco-québécoise

Qu’est ce qui devient possible quand les organismes jeunesses, les Élus et les jeunes travaillent ensemble ?
28 January 2015/by Paul Messer

Engineers without Borders meets Art of Hosting

The practice of checking in and checking out at a large scale conference.
22 January 2015/by Samantha Slade

Making a parallax theatre for visual story telling

What do you get when you mix parallax web technology, wooden gears , video projection with 19th century moving panoramic theatre?
16 January 2015/by Paul Messer

The recent history of the Art Hives

The history of the Canadian network of Art Hives told via a modern moving panoramic theatre.
16 January 2015/by Paul Messer

Trois astuces pour ouvrir une rencontre en douceur

Trois critères que nous utilisons couramment pour aider à concevoir une ouverture de réunion réussie et sympathique.
17 December 2014/by Samantha Slade

Travel Journal – World Human Rights Forum in Marrakech

You step into the perfumed, humid air outside of Casablanca's…
3 December 2014/by Ezra Bridgman

A Tale of Dynamite Social Innovation

Where do social innovation and the commons mix and meet?
1 December 2014/by Samantha Slade

Of steel-toe boots and bare feet

My father was a practical man. Every morning for almost 35 years…
7 November 2014/by Elizabeth Hunt

Am I a commoner?

What shifts when we approach the world with a commoning reflex?
24 October 2014/by Samantha Slade
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