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OrgBook - Announcement

Percolab is pleased to announce we are developing an online governance app sharing information, decisions, and actions with all your organization members, in partnership with CIRC. Sign-up for the newsletter to follow.



Practical approaches for a more engaging way of working
May 4, Montreal
1 day workshop

Visual Thinking Lab

Do you aspire to have clarity in how you explain things, leading to others saying yes to shared vision and action?
4 x 2h Online Sessions

The Future of Work – here & now! Practices & tools to re-invent your organization

Brussels, BELGIUM>

Organized by the Spotted Zebras:

Learning about practices for Collaborative Leadership
April 20th, 2017
Synergy of technological tools and social practices
April 21st, 2016
Getting practical with Self-Management & Self-Organisation
April 22nd, 2017


SXSW: Growing a Company Without Bosses

percolab's Samantha Slade will be presenting at SXSW on "Empowering people through “self-management”.
13 March 2017
Austin, Texas

CKX City Series: Montréal

Hear percolab's Lydia Tetyczka talk about her experiences in self-management
25 January, 2017

12-week skills incubator program

LAB12 is a 12-week program for self-directed learners who want to become professional programmers and developers. It's a collaborative, peer-to-peer, project-based program in the form of learning circles organized by Les Pitonneux and Percolab.
The program will start on 22 October, at ECTO!