Design Jam Reading

It was a pleasure to particpate in the Design Jam Reading on 29th October 2011. Thanks to everyone for setting it up and thanks to all those you participated to make it a thoroughly good Saturday hobby.

The challenge was a good one for me: School communications, being a father of 2 and having worked with schools across Wales implementing eportfolios.

The group I was in wanted to concentrate on the relationship between schools and parents. We set out to review how to:

engage parents in the process of student progress

We had fun mapping out a system of engagement through push/pull communications and designing an interface through which parents could see:

  • a snap shot of their childs progress
  • a recommended actions list of how they can support their child

Check out the rest of the pictures of Flickr

There were many things we didn’t get to tackle, but in a day, we felt it was best to get one element right (or at least give it a go)!

See you attended:


percolab is looking to host a Design Jam in Montreal, if you’re interested contact us



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