Looking forward to the adventure

On a trans-atlantic flight the other day, I’m in my little bubble writing in my notebook. The socially comfortable fellow in front of me couldn’t help himself.

« Is that your journal? », he interrupts.

« No », I said a little too defensively, « it’s ideas for an article ». (as if the difference was gigantic…)

« Ah, that makes sense » he says, « journals are for our formative years, we need the comfort of privacy to forge ourselves, and then we replace that with dialogue, with real people ».

I didn’t agree. Sure, dialogue, but, writing, even for yourself, helps you make sense of things. We debated and then finally gave in to the feature film.

And today I find myself writing my first blog article, all alone by myself (like a journal?), and pondering how much dialogue with real people it will spur? And what will enhance and enrich my learning more, the effort to formalise my ideas (for me and for an audience) or the interactions that will ensue?

Either way, I come to the experience as a life long learner, knowing there is still so much more of me to forge…

Looking forward to the adventure.

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