Entrées par Paul Messer

Dessiner comme un enfant

Growing up, noone remembers the first time they drew. We were given crayons, pencils, pens, paper and encouraged to draw. From simple marks on the paper, to representations of our home, our family, our world we saw. We were encouraged and supported to make more. We learnt from it, we better understood our world through […]

8 visual check-ins to invite creative presence

How do we create the conditions in our meetings so that we can be fully present together and tap into our creative capacities? Check-ins are an important part of life within Percolab and working and being with others. They are collective moments to stop, reflect, share and become present. In my experience, they are also […]

Les nouvelles pratiques de travail

« De la colocation à la collaboration » est le titre de l’article sur les coworkings qui paraît dans le dernier numéro de la revue Nouveau Projet. C’est en 2007 que percolab a initié le projet de coworking coopératif ECTO à Montréal, l’un des premiers du genre dans le monde. Nous sommes emballés de faire partie […]