5 reasons to use Graphic Facilitation…

Five reasons why you might want to give graphic facilitation a try, according to Paul Messer, as featured in the Montreal Gazette, May 2014:

1)   -Getting each idea down on paper as they come up liberates mental space. “It lets you build ideas upon each other and puts everyone on the same page.”

2)  – In meetings, getting peoples’ ideas up on the wall tells them their input is valued, and encourages more participation and engagement.

3)   -Watching ideas taking form in drawings “increases succinct dialogue and discussion on the theme at hand.”

4)   -Synthesizing complex processes, objectives, or concepts with images doesn’t just clarify things in your own mind—it’s also an excellent way to pull together succinct elevator pitches.

5)  – Graphic facilitation helps organizations with collaborative processes: it’s easier to represent complex systems with visuals than with words.

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